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Add the power of video to your website!

Videos are an effective way to get noticed and stand out from the competition. They visually engage and quickly provide information to visitors of your website. Here are some benefits to incorporating video to your website.


Quickly Deliver Your Message

Video is a great way to get your message across in a format visitors will quickly and easily digest. ᅠWhile it should not completely replace written content, it is a great enhancement to your copy and strengthens your overall message.



Video focuses the user on your message in multiple ways which encourages more time spent on your site. Video is active engagement. People learn and retain information better when actively engaged.


Drive Traffic

Video can increase traffic to your website through improved search engine rankings. Search engines LOVE new content, whether it is fresh copy, a new blog post, a press release, or a custom video. ᅠEvery time you add content, your search engine rankings can improve. In addition, you can maximize the benefit of improved SEO by sharing the video through your social media networks.



Custom videos can not only inform a site visitor about your business it can also be entertaining and even humorous. ᅠAn entertaining video can even go viral which can have a significant impact on your business.



Video is a great way to get visitors closer to you and your company. Build a bond with your site visitors with video featuring employee profiles, product demonstrations or a live delivery of your company mission statement and values,



When you share video through social media networks, while allowing visitors to also share on their social media networks, you create opportunity for your video to go viral. ᅠPosting your videos to a YouTube or Vimeo channel provides an additional promotional presence on the web.


Stand Out

Video is a great way to elevate yourself from the competition. ᅠFew companies make the effort to use video to represent their company and product/service online. Adding video to your website provides a major advantage over your competition.



Exciting, engaging and useful videos can encourage customers to regularly visit your website. Use videos to educate your website visitors about an issue, topic, or other area of concern can bring them back again and again.

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